The owner of RTC Holding buys everything: Flaro Sibiu - a new acquisition (22nd of December, 2005)

Following a recently concluded public tender, the RTC Group, led by the businessman Radu Octavian, acquired over 80% of the shares of Flaro Sibiu - the best known manufacturer of stationery and school products in Romania.

Claudiu Vrinceanu, 22nd of December, 2005

Flaro will achieve in 2005 a turnover of over Eur 6 million, increasing by approximately 30% compared to 2004.

The product range of the manufacturer in Sibiu includes, besides stationery items, some components for the textile and electrical industry. The company has grown in recent years in many fields, becoming a major supplier for the German automotive industry, well-known for its suppliers' special requirements, and for the Italian civil engineering industry.

The current acquisition will be followed by a strategic investment plan, which will focus on the development of Flaro.

“For the end of this year we aim at continuing the expanding process of RTC Group, Flaro being, for sure, an ingredient which enables a new market approach. We have clearly-defined goals, we wish to reposition Flaro as a leader in the manufacture of office supplies and stationery items, to determine it to become the largest company in plastic processing in Romania and to transform it in a regional brand,” states Octavian Radu, the founder of RTC Group.

Flaro Sibiu (known as Flacara Rosie before 1989) is the best known manufacturer of office supplies in Romania, dating from 1922. Nowadays, the company from Sibiu is privately owned and is listed at the Rasdaq electronic stock exchange.

RTC Holding is one of the largest Romanian trading groups; the Group comprises more than 65 companies, classified by their specificity, into 13 divisions: B2B Sales, Retail, Telecom, IT and Office Equipment, Books and Toys, Office Products, Food and Beverages, Manufacturing, Audio-Video Media, Mass-media & Advertising, Transportation and Logistics, IT Solutions, Real Estate and Constructions. RTC Holding is the market leader in Romania in office supplies - stationery (Office Express), cargo-courier (TCE) and retail - media products (Diverta).