Flaro Sibiu, manufacturer for Jaguar (31st of May, 2007)

stiri-flaro-produce-pentru-jaguarFlaro Sibiu announced that it would manufacture over 400 thousands auto parts this year. Its customers are several well-known car brands in the world, like Jaguar, Volvo, Daimler Chrysler or Volkswagen. The company's representatives announced that this business segment would bring an income of over Eur 1 million in 2007.

Flaro must supply parts that will be integrated in the electrical and driving systems of cars. Equipment used to manufacture the components have a high precision and productivity and require high quality standards. “In the automotive industry any component is extremely important, because a chain lasts as much as its weakest link does”, states the head of Flaro, Ani Capatina.

The process by which a manufacturer of car components may be chosen as a supplier by the major international brands involves a period of discussions, lasting from 2 to 12 months, beginning with the first contact.  Meanwhile, pre-audits, negotiations, production transfers, zero series, homologations, etc. are carried out.

“We have been certified for 5 years (ISO 9001/2000), a minimum mandatory condition for a sub-supplier of components for the automotive industry. Our goal for the end of 2007 and the beginning of 2008 is the TS 16949 certification, specific for the direct suppliers for the automotive industry”, states Capatina.

Sibiu area is known as an important supplier for the European automotive industry. Another notable point on the map of international automotive industry is Ploiesti and its industrial park Crangul lui Bot. Japanese investments in electrical and automotive industry gathered here.

Romania is becoming more and more interesting for the international automotive industry due to the low cost of the qualified workforce.

Source: www.stiriauto.ro