Flaro Sibiu, repositioned with German support

Sibiu Quality Days Conference, second edition (6th of November 2012) - Viorel Andriescu

On 4th and 5th of November 2011, the second edition of Sibiu Quality Days Conference took place in Sibiu.
The event, organised by Werner Seeger Qualitätsmanagement Romania, was attended by the representatives of prestigious companies such as:  Continental Automotive Systems, Bosch Rexroth, Wittenstein, Hartmann, Mecanofin.
The event started with a visit to Flaro, one of the important companies in the industry of Sibiu, Romania, especially as large manufacturer of stationery and school products. With a considerable weight in the production of accessories for the textile industry in our country, Flaro has switched, over the past 15 years, to the electrical and automotive industry.
Nowadays, the company has 230 employees and a turnover of Eur 5.2 million.
The company in Sibiu controls all relevant technologies, related to the requested products and services, through its own competence centres: plastic injection, metal processing, metal plating by electromechanical methods, CNC turning using high precision CNC lathes, professional manual assembling.

“The company’s team has seen a great potential for growth in the automotive industry that requires quality guarantees in particular,” pointed out Stefan Almasan, the CEO of Flaro. “This was the moment when we first started with the ISO 9001 certification that we received in 2006, and then it was not enough: as we entered the automotive industry more intensely, some of the clients required the TS 16949 certification and then we resorted to the services of WSQR.  Requirements included an extensive documentation, staff trainings, as well as large investments. The process ended in July 2011 with the certification audit that the company passed successfully.”
“Certification is good advertisement for Flaro, both for the current customers, as well as for the potential ones”, said the manager of WSQR, Werner Seeger, whose company is, according to him, “the only official partner of the Quality Management Centre within the German Automotive Industry Association.”

Sibiu Quality Days 2011 was a good opportunity for participants to discuss the issue of assuring continuously higher quality of products and to make a useful exchange of ideas on themes like quality and environmental management.

Source: www.tribuna.ro