The situation of quality management in Europe - Romania. Flaro - an exceptional case in Sibiu (July 2012)

Carl Hanser Publishing House, July 2012

Tradition and modernity coexist in Romania in quality management: for example, when the motivation to get the Certificate is at stake.

Over the last 18 months, Flaro has obtained, with the help of Romanian consultants, the conformity required by the certification. Processes have been redefined and optimised, a map of processes has been drawn-up, indicators and measurement values have been set. The company has invested tens of thousands of Euros in new production equipment, as well as in measurement and testing technology. Twelve people in charge of the processes and workshop coordinators have benefited from continuous training for TS implementation, as well as in the field of staff management. The audit took place in July 2011, and in November, the same year, the Certificate was delivered to the Chief Executive Officer.

Flaro has learned, due to the market, the importance of process documentation and of emphasis on quality s in order to be able to receive orders from major suppliers. In this respect, the company is still a particular case. Overall, quality management in Romania - even in the automotive industry - has not reached the European level yet, but it is getting closer rapidly. The rupture is still quite obvious in other specialised areas, as in some cases there is no sign of quality management - even when a certificate is though available.