Office accessories

The range of products includes:

- the 2 versions of holders for CD/DVD: round (for CDs without cover) and modular (for CDs with cover) that successfully adapts to any type of office, available in 3 colours. Their structure is simple and elegant. Their capacity varies depending on their model from 10 to 50 CDs/DVDs.

- vertical holders made of plastic, ideal for efficient storage and organisation of documents. The holders are ergonomic, classic, with holes that allow easy identification of documents.

- document trays made of plastic. They are an economic option, but also practical and elegant for organising office documents. Trays can be placed in opposite directions, allowing access to documents from both sides of the desk. Storage capacity is large, as 6 trays can easily be assembled.

- holders for writing items and small office accessories made of plastic, with 4, 5 and 6 compartments, in a compact position. They are practical, classic and useful in any office.

- standard holder for paper note cubes made of plastic, available in 4 colours. Depending on the preferences, they comes with or without paper (white, colour).

- inkpads with plastic cover, with or without ink, sizes 7x11 cm.

- sponge pads made of plastic, with sponge inside, diameter of 80 mm.

- card holders for business cards, with a practical design and a capacity of up to 72 pieces, badges and identification card cases made of PVC.